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Downorup© is a new webapplication since 2022 who tries to help people understand and detect issues together. We try to become the center of the internet where people all over the world come to check their favorite services if they experience problems. The more people who use our tool, the more accurate we can analyse all the data and therefore we can produce a detailed report with an accurate result of possible problems that might occur.

Together with our users, we can identify problems and thus let everyone else on the internet know that something is definitely going wrong.

methodology report page from down or up


The name and a description of the service.


Report button

Here users can report problems and letting others know they experience problems with the service.



This is the status that we acquire from our tool, we check the service from our IP but sometimes issues may be regional or some other problems that we can't detect. Therefor our report button.



Some neat statistics of the service we have gathered over time.



Our users can leave some feedback on the company. In the comments but also as a rating. This shows how good a service scores in the eyes of the public.



Everytime a user presses our report button we gather that information and show it in a graph that displays issues reported per hour.