The internet has 4.8 billion users worldwide growing in numbers everyday. We spend around 7 hours a day online. Most of us can't even imagine a life without the internet. Our everyday tasks depend on the internet, just imagine for a second, not having internet and what you wouldn't be able to do. Scary right? And there are much more scary things lurking, waiting for vulnerable people to make mistakes.

The internet is a fantastic thing that we humans invented, we should be proud. It connects us, it helps us, it just makes our lives easier. But we have to be careful. So many people together using the same service, the internet, is a great place for someone with bad intentions.

I will tell you why you should consider a VPN in 2021 and what it can do for you. If you already believe me and feel the need for a VPN, I recommend NordVPN, they are one of the biggest VPN's out there, they are reliable, fast and have a great customer service.
If you aren't sold yet on the importance of a VPN, feel free to read on and learn about the risks and what a good VPN can do for you, how it can protect you and how it can help you.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a technology that creates a secure tunnel between two or more devices.

nordvpn secure tunnel

An internet VPN, such as NordVPN, provides a secure tunnel between you and the internet, so you can browse the internet securely and privately, even when using a public Wi-Fi network in a cafe or hotel.
A secure tunnel encrypts all your data so it can't be logged or viewed by others who have bad intentions.

The risks you take online

There are many risks you take when browsing the internet. Some of them can't be avoided by using a VPN, but many risks can. You'll always get strange e-mails from a far far forgotten uncle living in Guatemala with some crazy heritage waiting for you, if only you just give all your bank details. These types of e-mails are called phising e-mails and can just be avoided by common sense.

I'm talking about more technical risks that not all of us are aware of. And even if you are aware of these risks a simpel computer with an internet connection is at risk. You would need technical insights on how to protect yourself. Services like NordVPN do this for you. You don't need to know anything about how it's done, you just need to know what they do and how it benifits you.

Your privacy

All sorts of organisations want to know as much as possible about you so they can target you for their advertisements. Data is sold to big companies and your every move online is followed closely. It is well known that Google knows probably more about our interests than we do. It's mostly harmless and can sometimes be helpful if you are looking for a specific item for a long time, the chances are you'll get more advertisements promoting that desired item.

But what if this data would fall in the wrong hands? What if a scam organisation has your data and offers you a great deal for that one desired item you have searched for so long and now it's on sale for 50% less? That is the moment it gets dangerous. With a VPN your data can't be linked to you and it's also secured which means it's not readable for these organisations thus not usefull.

NordVPN protects your data and thus protects your privacy. If you are fond of your privacy a VPN is a must. NordVPN does not store neither sells your data to third parties. Everything you do online will be vanished and untraceable.

What they know about youWhat data is stolen

Always on-line

In this day and age we feel like we are disconnected if we don't have an internet connection. We'll do anything for a free Wi-Fi connection. The pop-up our phones or laptops give "Warning this is a public connection, please be careful", we ignore because we must be on-line. And we go on and do our shopping, banking, etc.

If there is a hacker on the same network he can see everything you fill in. He can intercept your traffic and easily read it if he knows what he's doing.
Fortunately for you NordVPN encrypts your bank details send across the public network and no hacker can read it.

You can easily connect to NordVPN on your smartphone with the app or on your laptop. And browse the internet without a worry at maximum speed, knowing that your data is secured and isn't stored.

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Many other advantages of using a VPN

Travel the world

With NordVPN you can be in any country at anytime. You can watch a serie on Netflix that is not available in your current country. Or view blocked content on any site that is only available in a specific area.

Escape data-throttling

Data throttling occurs when you’ve used a certain amount of your data and, as a result, your internet service provider slows down your service. With NordVPN, not only will your data be free from the prying eyes of ISPs and others, but you also won’t be subject to a data cap. ISPs can place caps on data to maximize internet speed for some of their customers.

Avoid bandwidth-throttling

If you’ve experienced slower internet speed on certain websites and at different times, you may have experienced bandwidth throttling. ISPs — or anyone with administrative controls over your network — might be responsible for the slowdown. NordVPN can help. It can thwart the sluggishness by encrypting your device’s internet traffic. This prevents anyone on the same network from seeing the content of your web traffic and disguises its destination.

Your business

NordVPN for your business

Do you need a VPN?

You probably use the internet every single they, or at least a lot of the times, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Now that you know the risks you take everyday and the benefits of using a VPN like NordVPN. It is up to you to answer the question stated in the title.
But I think we should do what we can to stay safe online and protect our privacy from organisations, hackers and even the government. And if a service as NordVPN can help with that I think we all should consider it.

Author: Emiel Posted on: 06 September 2022