Detecting when technology fails together!

We help you understand what the source of the outage may be
by providing insights into your problem.

Monitoring vital services that matter to you® lets you monitor your favorite services quick and easy, which are considered vital to your everyday live and work.

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Online services

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What we do, and how we do it

Down or Up starts creating a report when you use our tool and verifies if their are any issues on first sight. Together with reports submitted on our website by other users we give you a thorough view on the current situation of your favorite website/app.
For the geeks among us, we deliver some clean and readable statistics and insights of the current status but also long-term data. We store everything in our database for you to see.

Our story® was founded and created by efinity. The idea behind® is to give eachother insight in what's going on, on the internet. We want to be the go to platform for everything related to issues online.
In our ideal scenario, users help each other by delivering reviews and feedback. By doing so, it is immediately clear which website or service is performing well or poorly and who can be trusted and who cannot.

Reliable webhosting online

If you want a reliable webhosting service with good customer support for a good and fair price we,®, suggest to have a look at Versio.*
We will go and look for more reliable services and make this list longer.
*We can not be held accountable for any problems you would, however unlikely, run into using one of the above services. We are just recommending them.